O'Hare offering rapid COVID tests as holiday travel surges

O'Hare International Airport is seeing some of its busiest travel days of the year right now.

The travel rates are up in Chicago and across the U.S.

And to fight COVID -- while also keeping passengers flying -- O'Hare is now offering rapid COVID tests, which will cost you more than $100 each.

The Rapid Antigen and PCR tests are now available for passengers and employees at a walk-up facility located in the Bus Shuttle Center. A drive-up site will open soon.

With only four days until Christmas, the airport on Monday appeared busier than the new normal we have seen during the pandemic.

Data from the TSA shows that for the first time since the start of the pandemic, TSA agents screened more than 1-million people at airport checkpoints nationwide for three consecutive days -- on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Despite busy airports, transportation expert Joe Schwieterman says without a doubt, driving will be the preferred mode of travel.

"Fuel prices are still pretty low. We’re not seeing massive congestion right now because a lot of the commuting patterns are changing. People are itching to go, but boy stay safe. It's easy to let your guard down," he said.

Remember, the CDC recommends postponing travel and staying home.