'Old Farts from Chicago' offer life coaching and comedy

They’re offering their two cents, for free!  

"Guys need any advice? Need any questions answered?" said 67-year-old Kevin Shotsberger, as he smoked a cigar and sat in a lawn chair. He was accompanied by his partner in "life coaching" 68-year-old Razz Jenkins, who also chattered with passersby between cigar puffs.  


They were stationed near the entrance of "Taste of Park Ridge." 

"Listen to your mother, do not listen to your father. He will lead you down the wrong path," Shotsberger imparted on two young ladies walking into the festival. 

The friends call themselves "Two Old Farts, Making Stuff Up." It’s posted on a sign, strewn across a folding table near their lawn chairs.   

"We were drinking beer one night, obviously, beer was involved, and both of us had this idea, actually it came from our wives. They said, 'Well, you guys are old and you love to yak at people, so get out there and don't smoke that cigar in my house," Jenkins chuckled.  

The retirees have been friends for years. They have each been married for 40 years (or close to it), have kids, and have traveled the world. They believe that’s a resume that qualifies them to be the carnival callers of life coaching. And they’re not the only ones dishing out advice.  

"We had a guy who said ‘I go by the 30 minute rule’," said Shotsberger.  "He said ‘I'll go out and I'll buy a new golf club or a new tool and I’ll bring it home and if my wife doesn't notice it for 30 minutes then it’s been there forever.'"

The act has been a success so far, with the duo being asked to return to weekly events like the Daley Center Farmer’s Market in Chicago.   

"We like to say our advice is exactly what you pay for it, absolutely nothing," said Shotsberger.   

The friends plan to monetize their gig in the future and say they’re available for corporate events or divorce parties. You can follow them on Instagram and Facebook @OldFartsfromChicago. 

Here’s where you can find them next:

  • Wednesday, August 2—Andersonville Farmer’s Market, 3 PM-7 PM; Catalpa Avenue between Clark Street and Ashland Avenue
  • Friday, August 11 & Sunday, August 13—Retro on Roscoe
  • Thursday, August 17—Farmer’s Market, Daley Center, 10 AM to 2 PM

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