Orland Park volunteers assemble military care packages for US troops

Volunteers carefully filled up care packages Friday in the south suburbs to send to U.S. military members.

"It's a kind of a taste of home where you get something instead of just having a basic MRE or plain water," said Dustin Hightower, Dealership GM and Marine Veteran.

The Orland Park Veterans Commission has done donation drives before, but this one at Apple Chevrolet of Tinley Park brought out a huge response.

"It's nice to see, you know, the American public coming out," said John Alfirevich, owner of Apple Chevrolet of Tinley Park.

The veterans organizing this effort believe appreciation for those serving their country has increased, as we watch the war in Ukraine. Not only are some U.S. troops close to that conflict, we're seeing Ukrainians willing to die for democracy.

"I think they’re fighting for their country or fighting for their independence, just like we did many, many times in the United States. So God bless them and we hope for the best," said Darryl Wertheim, Orland Park Veterans Commission.

"I commend anybody that fights for their land, because I sure would, too," said Jim Bailey, a Vietnam vet.


"It doesn't matter what's happening politically. When you know that the people support you, that's all that matters, because that's really what you're there for," said Orland Park Mayor Keith Pekau, who's also a veteran.

By the end of the day, all the boxes were ready to ship, sending supplies and support to those who serve.