Out of the water, Dallas dogs can't stop doggy paddling

Two Texas dogs -- donned in bright-colored life jackets -- weren't ready to stop swimming.

Mackie and Cayman live in Dallas, and are adorable West Highland White Terriers. One was fitted in a lime green vest, while the other sported an orange one during a boating trip. 

Their owner posted video of them over the weekend, showing two people holding them high up in the air during the boat ride. The wind was seen flowing through their fur. They seemed excited and didn’t stop dog paddling while suspended in the air.

In the video, their supporters are heard saying, “Go! Go! Go!” and “Good job!”

The Instagram post was written from the pups' point of view saying, "After we went swimming, we declared ourselves #superdogs."

You can following Mackie and Cayman’s adventures on their Instagram account.