Over 300 pets spayed during PAWS Chicago's first Spay Day Marathon

PAWS Chicago assembled a team of eight elite spay and neuter surgeons supported by vets and volunteers from across Chicagoland for the first-ever Spay Day Marathon. 

Over 300 dogs and cats were spayed during the PAWS event happening Saturday. 

"We're going to help save animals' lives by making it so that we will help unwanted pregnancies and help keep pets out of the shelter," said Alycia Eisenstein, PAWS Chicago Director of Spay and Neuter Surgery. 

Eisenstein says events like the Spay Day Marathon help make Chicago a no kill area. Organizers hope the event will inspire more shelter to create their own initiatives to protect animals. 


For community member looking to help the cause, Eisenstein says they can visit the PAWS Chicago website to volunteer, donate, schedule a spay or neuter appointment and even adopt. 

"Spay, spay, spay. The more dogs and cats that are spayed and neutered, the more we will have less unwanted pregnancies and more dogs and cats will live happy healthier lives," Eisenstein said. 

All the spots have been filled for Saturday's event, but PAWS Chicago's Lurie Clinic does spay and neuter surgeries Monday-Friday and organizers anticipate future events.