Chicago-area boy finds rare cicadas in his backyard

While many Illinois residents are unnerved by the billions of cicadas emerging this season, five-year-old Jason Prange of Palos Heights is excitedly embracing the phenomenon.

Jason's enthusiasm for bugs goes beyond the ordinary, as evidenced by his bug-themed T-shirt and backpack adorned with his favorite insect names.

Recently, Jason made a rare discovery, catching two unusual cicadas in his backyard. The first, named Reggie, boasts blue eyes. The second, named Snuggles, was found on Jason’s playset and is distinctive for its gray eyes, deviating from the typical red-eyed appearance.

Jason’s mother, noting his affinity for the outdoors, shared that he plans to be around bugs for the rest of his life, aspiring to become an entomologist.

As Illinois residents contend with the cicada invasion, Jason remains undeterred, finding joy and fascination in every catch.