Pekau blames increase in crime on Illinois Democrats: 'one-party rule'

Manufacturer Robert Bettinardi endorsed two Republican candidates for congress Monday, after they toured his Tinley Park factory.

"We hope and pray that they get elected," said Bettinardi, CEO of Bettinardi Golf.

Republican hopefuls Keith Pekau and Kathy Salvi said they'll work to boost the economy and cut crime.

A New York Times survey found Republicans gaining momentum three weeks before the votes will be counted on Nov. 8th. The man seeking to unseat Rep. Sean Casten blames an increase in crime on Illinois Democrats.


"So, you have completely one-party rule, and that is what has led to the issues we're having from a crime perspective. They continue to run these policies like the SAFE-T Act, which prioritize criminals over law-abiding citizens and police," Pekau said.

A spokesman for Congressman Casten noted the SAFE-T Act was passed by the Illinois General Assembly, and that if Pekau wants to amend or repeal it, he should run for a seat in Springfield rather than in Washington.

Salvi, who is seeking to unseat Sen. Tammy Duckworth, also stresses the crime issue.

"Crime is escalating. You just ask the families who've lost loved ones, whether they're in Hermosa or Woodlawn. People are hurting, and people are fleeing this state," Salvi said.

A spokeswoman for Duckworth said the senator supports President Joe Biden's recent suggestion that federal dollars be provided to local governments to hire more police officers.