Pet cockatiel named 'Rosie' missing in Chicago area; owner seeks help

People around the Chicago area have been helping to look for a missing pet. She's been spotted flitting about in Rogers Park on the city's North Side, even bathing in a gutter.

"I was looking at that bird just in the gutter taking a bath and like Rosie, what are you doing? Why are you taking a bath in the gutter? You are better than that," said Esther Blevins, the missing bird's owner, after seeing surveillance video of the bird.

Blevins wants Rosie home safe in Minnesota. But on her first-ever trip through Chicago, the cockatiel escaped her cage in late August, when the lock malfunctioned near Rosemont. The bird flew to a power line, heading away from Blevins' husband.

"He looked up and called her and she whistled once, and she never been out in the wild. She'd never been out the big open sky like that. And then she turned around and flew off," said Blevins.


A flyer posted online, and sent to local vets, shows Rosie has been spotted from the city to the western suburbs – most recently in Bloomingdale on September 20.

On social media, people across the Chicago area have been offering their help.

"It's really heartwarming because my first experience in Chicago was one of complete devastation. So, I thought that my view of the city would be forever about that's the city where I got my heart broken. I don't want to go back. But I mean everybody in their grandma is like helping and it's really, really sweet," Blevins said.

The bird is mostly gray, with white edging on the wings, has a leg band and apparently likes a cartoon theme song from the 90s.

Yep, Rosie is an X-men fan, and responds to anyone whistling the theme song from the old animated series.

"She will fly to you without fail," said Blevins.

If you think you've seen Rosie, you can contact the Blevins in Minnesota by emailing them at – or text 612-633-6361 – or check out their Facebook page.