Piping plover nest at Montrose Beach attacked by skunk, all 4 eggs eaten

A skunk ate four piping plover eggs that were inside an enclosed area at Montrose Beach Wednesday night.

The famous Great Lakes piping plover pair, Monty and Rose, laid four eggs in a nest back in May.

It was a big deal because these birds are endangered. 

However, last night around 11:30 p.m., their nest was attacked by a skunk. 

Images were released from USDA cameras that captured the incident.

Unfortunately, the four eggs inside were all eaten. 


Volunteers with the Chicago Piping Plovers Group, which watch and monitor the duo, say the skunk did not get into the enclosure, but reached in from the outside.

Fortunately, both Monty and Rose are doing ok. 

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources says Monty is already scrapping new nest sites, which gives them a lot of hope.

In the meantime, the Chicago Park District has temporarily closed off the Montrose Beach Dunes natural area to public access so that Monty and Rose can work on their new nest.