2 dogs registered as emotional support animals accused of deadly dog attack in Palatine will get to live

The two dogs accused of a deadly dog attack in suburban Palatine will get to live. 

A judge issued the order on Wednesday, and the woman whose dog was killed is not happy about it. 

Two people and their dogs were injured in the attack that happened last month. One of the dogs died.

The victims are still undergoing medical treatment for their injuries, and they say they are disappointed with this outcome.

The attack happened on May 24 just before 7 p.m. near Paddock Elementary School.

Police say a woman was walking two large dogs on leashes, a Pitbull and an Akita mix, when they broke free and went after Amanda Ingram and her small dog, Casper. 

Ingram tried to protect Casper, but he ultimately died. She was bitten, scraped and had fingers broken.

Police say the dogs then went after Chase Braun, who was walking nearby with his small dog, Kona. 


Both Braun and Kona were bitten numerous times. 

"Pitbull took a three inch chunk out of my arm," said Braun.

"We're not wishing for an eye for an eye; however, these dogs were out for blood," said Attorney Michael Schostok, who is representing both victims.

Schostok says the owner of the two large dogs, Meleina Teodoro, plead guilty today to eight of the 13 ordinance violations she was issued because of the attack.

In addition to paying more than $800 in fines and court costs, Schostok says the Judge ordered her to get her dogs trained and move them out of Palatine to another municipality.

But the victims say these dogs should be nowhere around any community.

"These dogs are just being moved to another area where they can terrorize someone else, it's not taking care of the problem," said Ingram. "It's moving the problem and that's completely unacceptable."

"I feel like this is just gonna happen again," said Braun.  "And it's terrible. It's traumatizing."

Todd Cohen, the attorney representing Meleina Teodoro, says she has already moved out of her home in Palatine. 

He says she is pleased with the outcome and will comply with all of the court's terms. 

Cohen also noted that her dogs are registered as emotional support animals.