Chicago police officer fired for 2017 chase that killed 2

A Chicago police officer was fired Thursday for a 2017 car chase that ended in a crash that killed an off-duty officer and another driver.

The police board voted 7-0 to fire officer Jamie Jawor.

Four years ago, she chased Taylor Clark who was an off-duty officer.

Police say Jawor and her partner mistook Clark's car for a carjacking suspect's vehicle.


Speeds in the chase got to 100 miles per hour and Clark ran a red light at Roosevelt Road and Kostner Avenue.

He hit another car, killing himself and the other driver, 27-year-old Chequita Adams.

Jawor was accused of several police department violations, including bringing discredit to the department, falling to promote its goals and inattention to duty. The charges alleged Jawor failed to determine if the importance of chasing Clark outweighed the dangers of a vehicle pursuit.

Authorities say it is unclear why Clark fled from his fellow officers.

Jawor can appeal the decision.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.