Police searching for vandal smearing feces on Chicago cars and homes

A brazen serial vandal is making a big stink in a Chicago neighborhood.

Victims say somebody has been smearing feces onto cars and homes in the Bridgeport neighborhood.

“It was on the front windshield on the opposite side of the car,” victim Tony Wu.

No point in "wasting" your time, so we're not going to give you the full "scoop" on what's been smeared on some Bridgeport cars and homes lately. Wu found some of it on his front windshield.

“I was late for work, so I hopped into my car and turned on the wipers, tried to get as much off as possible, and figured out I'm going to have to go to the…car wash,” Wu said.

After the car wash, plan "number two" was to see if any neighbors’ surveillance cameras had caught the vandal flush in the act. Sure enough, a neighbor’s camera a half block away shows a man vandalizing not Wu's car, but another vehicle.

Wu says he thought his case was an isolated incident until he posted his story on a neighborhood watch website and heard from lots of other victims.

“When I posted about it I found out this is a severe occurrence, and repeat offender, that smells, obviously,” Wu said.

Other Bridgeport residents say they hope the vandal get pooped out pretty soon.

“Let’s put an end to it fast. Let’s stop it. Who does something like that? I don’t understand. This is beyond ridiculous,” said Paul Mazutis.

Chicago police say they have received one report about the incidents, and are no doubt hoping to wipe them off the books soon.