Police warn of strong-arm robberies in Logan Square neighborhood

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) -Three times, in one night, a group of teens cornered their victim and threatened violence.  It happened in the Logan Square neighborhood on West Altgeld. 

Police have issued a community alert about the offenders who are teenagers ranging from 13-17 years old.  Those they are targeting, police tell us, are twice their age, ranging from 30-40 years old. 

Residents in Logan Square can't believe locals are getting attacked by a group of teens.

Police say a girl attempts to grab the victim's cell phone while demanding they give it up.  The boys surround the victim and with one - beats them up.

“We were taught when the street lights come on, go home,” said resident and mom of four, Ashira Fonseca.

Fonseca went to high school in the neighborhood and says she routinely talks to her kids about safety.

“They come home from school and they aren't even allowed to cross the street by themselves and they are teenagers,” said Fonseca.

Amy Billittier heard about the incidents and has already started changing her habits.

“I left my phone in the house today to walk the dog.  I even thought about putting my ring inside and didn't,” said Billittier.

Billittier says she sees kids in groups around the area but, until now, never thought anything of it.

“Sometimes there are groups of kids hanging around and that kind of makes me nervous, but I just kind of hope for the best and don’t assume they are going to do anything.”

Police say they want the public to know about these crimes and they need your help.

“Community involvement is imperative.  Police do the best they can based upon the information they get, however the community is our eyes and ears in those neighborhoods,” said Officer Veejay Zala with Chicago police.

Thankfully none of the victims were seriously injured and no personal property was stolen.

As always police say keep your eyes open and report any suspicious activity.