Popularity of acting rising in Chicago thanks to shows like 'Empire'

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CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - So many movies and TV shows are shot in Chicago now that it's tough to keep track of the numbers. And with ‘Empire’ here now too, it's no surprise that the number of people hoping to get on those shows is rising.

And now, Acting Studio Chicago is working to help people learn the right way to land their next big role.

"We probably have grown about 25 percent in the last couple of years overall, because there's more work for everybody," said director Rachael Patterson.

Working actors and directors teach the classes that are for beginners, and people wanting to freshen up.

"Now that they’re seeing an increased number of opportunities for television work…they understand they need to acquire skills to audition on camera or they need to brush up on old skills," Patterson said.

That’s why actor Veronica Gutierrez enrolled.

"Just to be confident to actually know what I’m doing at the time of auditioning, to be able to do what i already know, but it's just getting more confident with it," said Gutierrez.

Melissa Walker has been cast in a number of productions and now has an agent, so she too encourages you to follow your dream.

"If you feel it, whether you've been doing it for 5 years or you’re inspired for a show that's on TV, (go for it), absolutely. Yeah,” Walker said.