Potholes popping up across Chicago as snow begins to melt

It’s the time of year most motorists dread.

You’re driving down Chicago streets and before you know it, you’ve hit a pothole.

A monstrous pothole at Adams and Francisco is more than four feet wide, and who knows how deep.

It is sure to cause major damage

"You have to bob and weave to miss the potholes, runs the risk of damaging someone else’s vehicle," said John Henderson, a West Side resident.

This is the result of warmer weather after melting snow. The ice seeps into cracks in the pavement and then expands.


"If I see one, I try to avoid it, if not . . .I have to hit it," said Fredreka Berry, another West Side resident.

A CDOT spokesperson says crews are still focused on clearing snow and ice from city streets, as well as responding to pothole complaints.

Residents are advised to drive with caution, especially at night and on streets with older pavement.