Potholes popping up across Chicago; crews have responded to 9,800 so far this year

If you feel like you have been dodging more potholes of late, it is not your imagination. 

With the freeze-thaw cycle Chicago's been in since the last snowfall, potholes are everywhere, and the City is asking for your help to locate the worst ones.

"We're obviously starting to come out of winter so that typically is the time where we're seeing higher pothole activity on the streets. So we are ramping up accordingly," said CDOT Deputy Commissioner Tom Carney.

Carney says the city has ramped up to 26 pothole-filling crews, working seven days per week in all parts of the city, and is prepared to add up to four more crews, depending on what the weather does these next few weeks. 

"This is the critical time of year," he said.  "Hopefully we'll have some favorable weather. That will help us, but if not, we're ready to go with our crews to address any potholes."

So far this year, crews have responded to 9800 reports of hazardous potholes and crews have filled 1000 more than at this time last year, according to Carney.  


"If you do see our crews out there working, do slow down, give them plenty of space to work."

If you see a bad pothole, CDOT asks you to report it to 311, and do not assume someone else is going to call it in. 

Carney says 311 reports from drivers are the most effective tool in knowing where to route their pothole crews.