Prayer service honors 6 killed in Kalamazoo

The shooting that left six dead and two others injured in Kalamazoo has left the town in shock, coming together Sunday to pray for the victims.

"This stuff, you always see it on the news. You don't really think about it because it doesn't really affect you and then something like this happens, not only in your community, but to one of your friends and it just breaks you and makes it so much more real," Mya Hoke was a friend of teenage victim Tyler Smith.

Sunday's prayer service honored the people killed randomly over the weekend. You could feel the warm hearts Sunday evening at Centerpoint Church as family, friends, and strangers embraced one another.

Father and Son, Rich and Tyler Smith, are two of the victims killed Saturday night at a car dealership in Kalamazoo. Their family was at the prayer service Sunday, but with the tragedy being so recent, it was difficult for them to talk about what happened.

"He was always so happy. No one ever saw him without a smile on his face," Tyler's friend Mya Hoke said. "His teammates, his classmates, his friends meant the world to him and he was just overall a really good person."

The people who came to the service Sunday also prayed for the other victims of the shooting, and even for the suspect, who is in police custody.

The suspect is expected to be arraigned Monday and has been charged with 6 murder counts and 2 attempted murder counts.