Preservation Chicago unveils 2024 list of endangered buildings

Preservation Chicago has released its annual list of the Most Endangered Buildings in Chicago for 2024. 

The list aims to advocate for the preservation of historic buildings, a tradition dating back to 2003. 

The buildings on the list are scattered throughout the city, with the top spot belonging to the Century and Consumers Buildings at 202 and 220 South State Street downtown.

Here's the complete list:

  1. Century and Consumers Buildings
  2. Sheffield Belden Group
  3. Ogden Keeler Industrial Buildings
  4. Schulze Baking Company Building on Garfield Boulevard
  5. Chicago Vocational School on East 87th Street
  6. Murals at the Strangers Home Missionary Baptist Church
  7. Swift-Morris Mansion on South Michigan Avenue

The Century and Consumers Buildings have been on the list in previous years and have been at the center of preservation efforts. These 20th-century skyscrapers were initially earmarked for a reuse plan due to security concerns surrounding their location.

Preservation Chicago emphasizes that these buildings represent some of the last examples of the Chicago School of Architecture and are integral to the city's history.