Protests erupt in Chicago following grand jury decision in Breonna Taylor case

A group of just a couple dozen protesters quickly grew to more than 100 outside Chicago Police Headquarters on Wednesday.

After almost two hours, they marched with their message through Bronzeville. The group is furious over the Kentucky Attorney General's announcement that the two officers directly involved in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor won't be charged.

“I'm tired. I'm a Black woman from the USA and I'm tired of this happening,” one protester said.

Salt trucks blocked vehicle traffic on Michigan at 35th street, and a group of officers stood nearby in between protesters and the building itself. 

“I'm angry. And it's the same. And I wanted to share that with the people who also feel that way,” another person said. 

Another group of protesters marched from Saint Sabina Church to 79th and Racine, chanting for justice.

 “We're here because we want to object and say we don't accept it! Somebody has to be held accountable!” said Father Michael Pfleger.

During rush hour traffic, peaceful demonstrators shut down the intersection.

 “A message is sent, again, in America that Black and brown lives mean nothing in America!” exclaimed Father Pfleger.

The pastor used a liquid that resembles blood to spell out Breonna Taylor’s name on the street. He is demanding that state and federal laws change.

“Police are too protected in this country! When police do wrong, they got to go to jail!” said Father Pfleger.

Father Pfleger also wants changes made to the Chicago police contract to "make sure police are not continually overprotected here in Chicago."

Meanwhile, in Wicker Park, a large crowd marched Wednesday evening demanding justice for Breonna Taylor.

In addition, two Louisville police officers were shot Wednesday night amid unrest in Kentucky.