Pullman National Monument opens this weekend in Chicago

A key story in Chicago and American history is about to go on display.

The Pullman National Monument opens this weekend.

The Far South Side spot was established by George Pullman to build thousands of train cars. The factory and its workers played a key role in the labor rights and civil rights movements.


Starting Saturday, the public can tour train cars, a new visitor center and sprawling grounds — and learn about the history.

"We're going to make sure every kid in Chicago, in the State of Illinois understand that Pullman, the movement of Pullman, the movement of A Phillip Randolph and the Pullman porters is going to be told and it's going to be part of our history," said 9th Ward Alderman Anthony Beale.

President Barack Obama designated the Pullman a national monument in 2015. Groups have been working to preserve it for decades.