Andersonville Restaurant Week returns

Andersonville is trying to shrug off the pandemic with a full return of its restaurant week.

It's a time to savor several courses at a cut price and salute the North Side community's eateries.

"We’re sort of coming out of another big COVID wave and looking forward to a beautiful spring and summer, so it’s a really great time to come out and try what restaurants are doing and get ready for a good season," said Chef Paul Fehribach, Big Jones Co-owner, Executive Chef.

Big Jones serves southern cuisine so it is all decked out for Mardi Gras. 

It is one of 17 restaurants participating in the 10-day event.

"It's actually really dire for a lot of restaurants because at this point, it looks like there's no more federal aid coming," said Chef Paul.

Plus, community leaders hope more booked tables mean more foot traffic to Andersonville shops. 

It's quite a change from last year when it was a take-out only event.

"It just wasn't the same experience. People didn't get to enjoy the neighborhood, walk around the neighborhood and experience the restaurants the way we want them to be curious," said Laura Austin, Andersonville Chamber of Commerce Executive Director.


On top of COVID, businesses have struggled with the cold and snowy weather keeping people home. 

So, restaurants promise to warm you up.

"Gumbo, catfish, grits, and a big old cocktail. It's just like a big bear hug, this cuisine is," said Chef Paul.

"It's all just wanting to connect with people and see each other's faces in general. And that's what's most important," added Austin.

And what a scrumptious way to survive another week of winter.

Andersonville Restaurant Week runs through Feb. 27.