River North Shooting: Migrant was among 3 men caught in crossfire, wife says

One of the bystanders wounded by crossfire in Chicago's River North district is a migrant, his wife told FOX 32 Chicago.

Clay Vercado, 26, was one of three men shot early Sunday at Hubbard and State. Police said that people in two cars were shooting at each other.


Alondra Parra told FOX 32 Chicago that her husband had been shot three times and taken to Northwestern Hospital, and that she had not been able to make contact with him since then. 

"They don't give me any more information, even though I'm his wife, I'm the mother of his daughter," Parra said through a translator. "We're new arrivals here. We don't know anybody."

Chicago police said the other victims were a 22-year-old man who was shot multiple times and is in critical condition, and a 32-year-old man who suffered two gunshot wounds to left arm and is in stable condition. 

There is no one in custody in the shooting.