Road and ramp closures make it hard to get around Chicago

Drivers spent a tense time behind the wheel getting around the city on Saturday, with multiple interstate off-ramp and road closures. It the city's attempt to avoid the looting and chaos that followed last week's protests over the death of George Floyd.

The Chicago River bridges were raised and traffic was a mess all around.

From I-90/94, all of the exits were blocked from Fullerton to 18th St.

The Eisenhower was closed at Ida B. Wells.

The Stevenson was temporarily diverted onto 90/94 because Lake Shore Drive was shut down without warning. There were military vehicles, National Guard, State Police and Chicago Police at checkpoints, allowing in only essential workers and residents.

But for many drivers who were either trying to get home or get to work, it was an odyssey of twists and turns and miles out of the way to get anywhere.

Some drivers questioned why the city imposed such a hard lockdown this weekend, when protests were peaceful.