School district looking into principal's 'graphic' new song

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FOX 32 NEWS - A high school principal cuts a record, but not everyone is singing her praises.

Some parents at Lake Forest High School say the song released by the school's principal sends the wrong message to students.

FOX 32: What was your reaction when you heard this?

"A complete outrage,” one woman said.

Parents and residents in north suburban Lake Forest say high school principal Dr. Chala Holland struck the wrong chord when she decided to show off her musical chops.
On Friday, the principal released a song called "Love Chapter" on Spotify under the name Cha Holland, with a picture showing her holding a glass of wine and a cigar. It’s apparently the talk of the school.

"We have four daughters. And is this the message we want to send to our girls? And is this what we're focused on as educators?” said parent Terry Darraugh.

"I mean, it's very graphic. And I know it's going around the entire high school right now. They're all listening to it. They're calling it Chala's hot new beat. I've got a 15 year old daughter who is hearing this,” said parent Joanna Marshall.

Holland is a former basketball player at Northwestern University who was hired to lead Lake Forest High School two years ago. Her hiring stirred controversy with some parents saying she didn't have the experience for the job.

Now, those critics say the principal's decision to cut a mildly racy record raises new questions.

"If this is a second career, that's great. I don't mind people having their personal life and doing what they want with their free time. But our school isn't ranked as high as it should be,” said parent Mike Darraugh.

"Well there's going to be a competitive school board race. So we'll see what people see as priorities for Lake Forest High School,” said parent Hillary Till.

FOX 32 called Dr. Holland trying to get her side of the story, but we did not hear back from her. A spokesperson for District 115 quotes the Superintendent Michael Simeck as saying, ”I am aware of the song and will be reviewing the matter.”

The principal's song "Love Chapter" is selling on Spotify for 99 cents a download.