Search for Kyrin Carter: Volunteers, police still looking for missing boy with autism in Hammond

It has been four days since Kyrin Carter, 12, walked out of a Best Western in Hammond, Indiana.

He was caught by a surveillance camera wearing a blue shirt and dark shorts, walking out of the hotel on Saturday afternoon. He has not been seen since.

For days, volunteers and law enforcement have been searching the area around the hotel. They have used boats, trained sniffer dogs, and ATVs.

Kyrin's family is from Kansas City and are in the Hammond area to visit family. They said that Kyrin, who has autism, got away while a relative was sleeping.


"I just want him to make it back home in one piece," said his mother, Danielle Duckworth, on Monday. "That’s all I want."

If you see Kyrin, his family asks that you not approach him. Instead, keep an eye on him and call 911.