Vice President Kamala Harris and husband make history

The new second family makes history with a lot of firsts, and some Chicagoans are watching with hope and pride.

The first Latina on the Supreme Court swore in Kamala Harris as the first African-American, first of South Asian descent and first female vice president.

This inauguration was equity in action, according to the head of the Chicago Foundation for Women, Felicia Davis.

"When we set the stage and say we want full participation and we want equity - today was an example of what that could look like," said Davis.

All over the Chicago area, people sported Harris's signature look of pearls with Chuck Taylors.

Davis hopes more will mimic another element of Harris's style: having a supportive husband who is putting his wife's career first.

"That's what it looks like guys. I have to tell you, if you are raising a family, if you believe in unity, taking those trade-offs are really important," said Davis.

The VP brings in a more modern family too with step-children who call her "Momala."


Husband Doug Emhoff makes history of his own as the first second gentleman and the first Jewish person in president or vice president marriages.

This brings pride to the head of the Jewish United Fund in Chicago, Lonnie Nasatir.

"It also is really a reaffirmation that Jews, and for that matter all minorities, in this country can aspire to get to the highest rungs of government that this country offers," said Nasatir.

The new history making roles are already reflected on Twitter.

Kamala Harris’s new handle is simply @VP and Doug Emhoff’s is @secondgentleman.