Security teams now guarding Chicago gas stations to deter carjackings

Security teams are standing guard at Chicago gas stations to try to protect drivers after the latest carjacking in the city, when a 73-year-old man was pulled from his vehicle and attacked in Calumet Heights on the South Side.

The Chicago Police Department has a Carjacking Task Force and hopefully they will put a dent in the following numbers. This time last week, there were 144 carjackings. Now, that number is up to 185.

"With all the carjackings and everything going on, it makes my neighborhood feel a lot more dangerous," said Englewood resident Jainna Williams.

Security teams from Kates Detective Agency are now manning gas stations in Englewood, hoping to make carjackers rethink who and where they target.

Williams says the carjackers are in her age group and many of them are fearless.

"People don’t care, they will shoot anybody. They are killing kids, elders, senior citizens," she said.

Using information from CPD, security officers will go to gas stations in hot spot areas for carjackings. They will monitor 5 to 6 gas stations per day.

Early walker from "I’m Telling, Don’t Shoot" and owner of W&W Towing is behind the "Operation Safe Pump." The goal is to eventually have a security presence at 50 locations.

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