New video: Shock and fear after shootout between cars wounds 5 in Chicago

Residents on Chicago’s Near West Side are still frightened and concerned after a rolling shootout erupted Wednesday in the West Town neighborhood.

In addition, new video has surfaced of one of the vehicles involved speeding through the area right before gunshots rang out.

A resident who does not want to be identified witnessed much of the terrifying shooting. He called 911 after noticing a biker bleeding on the ground.

The witness’ car was also struck by gunfire as he and his wife were in route to a work event.

Police say five people were shot in total.

Bystanders say they saw two cars chasing each other, firing multiple rounds shortly after 5 p.m. The crime scene stretched from the 800 block of Milwaukee to the 600 block of Kinzie.


Among the five people shot was a 28-year-old LYFT passenger who is now in critical condition.

The witness that FOX 32 spoke to called the entire experience scary, also saying city leaders must step up.

"My instincts jumped in. I started to hear the pop, pop, pop. I saw the car driving at 70 miles an hour. First thing I did was grab my wife and said ‘Get down! Get down!’ And put her down. Cause all I thought about was our daughter not having two parents. And I needed my wife to survive because it's our daughter," the witness said.