Shooting threat at Elmhurst College prompts campus meeting, investigation

Campus police are investigating a shooting threat at Elmhurst College on Wednesday night as a community meeting was held to address student's concerns. 

A series of threats were written in a girl's bathroom at one of the residence halls and campus officials are taking this very seriously. The school says they've investigated and there is no credible threat. 

On Tuesday night, in Neibuhr Hall, a message that read "shoot it up" was found in a girl's shower stall. Students also found a racist message scribbled on the wall.

This comes one day after another hateful note was found in the same bathroom. It read “no gays or lesbians allowed, KKK.” An expletive was also written. 

"I want to say this is hopefully a joke, but at the same time we don’t know where jokes can draw the line and this could be the society we live in today,” said Grace Savio, a freshman. “We don’t know what’s real and what’s not real.”

School officials say they've increased security patrols. Elmhurst police are also investigating.