Shooting threat found in bathroom of Lake Forest High School

A shooting threat was found over the weekend inside a suburban Chicago high school.

The threatening message was graffitied onto a building evacuation map in a restroom at Lake Forest High School. It was discovered by a student Saturday morning.

According to the school's principal, the threatening message also made a derogatory statement toward a staff member and a student's name was signed.

Police, however, have determined the threat is not credible.

Lake Forest High School | Google Maps

A letter sent to families from the principal reads in part: "It is highly unusual for a subject to publicly identify themselves when making a threat of this nature. We believe that this was done with the intent to provoke fear among the students and staff."


The letter goes onto to say: "At this time, we are still assessing whether or not this incident is related to the single bullet that was found on the library floor on Thursday. We are grateful to our students for being vigilant and reporting suspicious incidents to our staff."

Some concerned parents are calling for more security to be implemented in the wake of this incident. One parent told FOX 32 Chicago they would like to see metal detectors installed on the premises.

As of now, Principal Erin Lenart says the school has placed a marked police car and School Resource Officer at the front of the building, another SRO at the rear entry at the building, and three additional security guards — who are all retired cops — throughout the building.