Shortage of TSA workers as summer travel surges

A worrying report could spell trouble at airports across the country.

As people get ready to hit the skies for summer flights, the TSA is looking for workers.


It is a double whammy for the TSA, as they need to hire more workers and there is a summer travel surge.

As cities around the country fully reopen, if you decide fly, it may be a little bumpy. There are reports across the country of long TSA lines.

In Houston, flyers reported standing in lines so long that they sat on the floor. In Atlanta, there have been complaints too.

A memo was issued from the TSA warning that 131 of the nation’s largest airports are facing staffing shortages this month, and that includes Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

They are asking office workers to volunteer and assist at checkpoints for 45 days during the summer travel season.

The TSA has said it hopes to hire 6,000 new officers to handle the summer travel boost and they are offering a $1,000 signing bonus.