Should Biden step aside? Illinois Democrat congressman weighs in

Calls within the Democratic Party for President Joe Biden to step aside are growing louder.

Illinois Democratic Congressman Mike Quigley expressed concerns following Biden's poorly received debate performance last week, which has caused a dip in his polling numbers. Democrats are now worried not only about keeping Donald Trump out of office but also about their prospects in the House and Senate.

"At this point, it’s Joe Biden, unless he decides he’s not that nominee," Quigley said. "We move forward with that understanding unless there’s a change."

White House officials and Biden campaign surrogates have claimed the president simply had a bad night during the debate. However, Quigley believes Biden's problems extend beyond a single debate.

"I think we gotta be honest with ourselves, this wasn’t just one bad debate performance. There are very real concerns, and you have to take the voters for where they are, not where you want them to be," Quigley said.

Quigley emphasized that the decision is ultimately Biden's to make, but he should consider his lagging poll numbers and their effect on down-ballot races.

"If I were to talk to him, what I would say is, this was a tough race, it’s going to be a much tougher race. You were down in states, that hasn’t changed, got worse, so we’ve gotta make a decision, one he alone has to make," Quigley added.

US President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the Supreme Courts immunity ruling at the Cross Hall of the White House in Washington, DC on July 1, 2024. The US Supreme Court ruled July 1, 2024 that Donald Trump enjoys some immunity from prosecution as a

Quigley is not the only top Democrat speaking out. Texas Congressman Lloyd Doggett publicly called on Biden to step aside, and South Carolina Democratic stalwart Jim Clyburn said he would support Vice President Kamala Harris should Biden step aside. Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also suggested that both Trump and Biden should take cognitive tests.

Quigley believes Biden would leave with his head held high if he chose to step down now.

"He’s really had one of the most successful presidencies of my lifetime, so I think what he has to appreciate is, that should be his legacy, and where do we go from here. That decision rests with only one person, and that’s President Biden. He has to come to terms with that," Quigley stated.

A Democratic strategist expressed doubts about Biden's ability to continue given his poor polling numbers. Reports indicate that Biden plans to meet with top Democrats on Capitol Hill and governors and will sit down for an interview with ABC News on Friday.