Sincere Cole Murder: 15-year-old Chicago boy dies after being shot 24 times

A 15-year-old Chicago boy named Sincere Cole died after being shot 24 times on Saturday, his family said.

Cole was last seen leaving a Shell gas station at 67th and Western in Chicago Lawn just before 7 p.m. on Saturday. 

"I looked at him, felt his neck to see if he was breathing," said gas station employee Ralph Kendall. "Looked in my face and took his last breath."

Cole's aunt, Brandy Martin, was his legal guardian. She says she doesn't know why anyone would target him.

"We spend so much time – 2021, 2022 – trying to save ourselves from germs… and can’t save ourselves from each other," Martin said.

It's been a time of great loss in her life. Her mother, apostle Jorgetta Martin, died from cancer last year. Her daughter Akeelah was murdered in 2019. That same year, her sister – Sincere's mother – was killed by a CTA train as she tried to grab her phone off the tracks.

The family is seeking donations from the community to help with funeral arrangements. Sincere loved music and wanted to be an entrepreneur. Supporters can contact Brandy Martin via social media for more information.