Sister of Delphi murder victim reacts to latest development: 'a new wave of grief'

Indiana police investigating the Delphi murders now want to find the person behind a fake online profile used to meet underage girls.

News of this development brought both hope and grief to the sister of one of the Delphi victims.

"It just feels like a new wave of grief. Because you are opening those wounds and you do have to feel all those emotions all over again," said Kelsi German.

German first felt that grief in February 2017. Her little sister, Liberty, and Liberty's friend Abigail Williams were killed in the small town of Delphi, Indiana.

While continuing to investigate the teens' murders, Indiana State Police announced they discovered a fake online profile.

German now feels more hopeful about the news.

"I think anytime law enforcement comes out and releases information, that's a little more hope that not only the families get, but also the public," she said.

Police want to find the person who used a male model's photos to create a fake profile named "anthony_shots." Indiana State Police say that person pretended to be wealthy, with numerous sports cars.

"The creator of this fictitious profile used that information while communicating with juvenile females to solicit nude images, obtain their address and attempt to meet with them," said Sgt. Jeremy Piers, Indiana State Police PIO.

Police say the account was being used at the same time of the Delphi murders.


German believes investigators would not release this information on a whim.

"I do think they've investigated it. And maybe this is just asking for the public's help and to find people that have had contact with this person who is out there," she said.

Since the beginning, German and family members have been asking for tips. They haven't had an abundance of leads, besides a picture Liberty snapped and audio of someone saying "down the hill."

"With that little bit, we do need to figure out who the person is in Liberty's video and now who's behind this account that police have recently uncovered," said German.

Anyone with information about the anthony_shots profile is asked to contact police. Indiana State Police say you can utilize the tip email/phone number: or 765-822-3535.