South Shore woman finds 25 Illinois unemployment insurance envelopes inside mailbox

A Chicago woman found a shocking display of unemployment fraud in her mailbox.

"Are they going to break into my house to get these," said Sherri Davis Brown.

Not one, not two, but 25 Illinois unemployment insurance envelopes were dropped inside Brown’s mailbox Thursday. She received another one Friday, and they were all addressed to different people.

"Half of these envelopes have cards in them, the other half have correspondence from IDES," said Brown.

The South Shore resident did not file for unemployment, and doesn’t know any of the people the mailings are addressed to.

"How did my address get targeted to send these envelopes? That’s my thing," said Brown.

The FBI is investigating 350,000 cases of unemployment insurance fraud here in Illinois alone.

A special task force is now assigned.


IDES is urging fraud victims to call them and report unsolicited mailings received.

However, Brown says she’s unable to get past the state's automated phone system.

"It tells you to leave your name, phone number and you’ll be the next person contacted. I wait on the line and the line hangs up," said Brown.