Stolen car recovered by Chicago cops stolen again from in front of police station

CHICAGO (AP) - A stolen vehicle that was recovered by Chicago police and parked near a district police station was stolen again.

The 1999 Toyota Camry belonging to Brien Jackson remains missing, and now Jackson and his father say they want to know what happened.

The Chicago Tribune reports the car was stolen Oct. 3 and was seen by Jackson with its Texas license plates replaced with temporary Indiana plates.

A police officer spotted the car Oct. 7 and found the temporary plates were for a Honda. The driver, Alfredo Viramontes, was arrested for a false registration tag and driving without insurance.

Officer Laura Amezaga confirms the car disappeared after it was parked outside the Englewood Police Station to await a tow.

D.A. Jackson says he and his son has many questions, particularly why they learned the car was found and stolen again after the city tried to collect fines for false tags.