Suburban parents want their kids maskless when school begins

A meeting inside Barrington High School was contentious Wednesday night, with many parents saying they do not agree with their children wearing masks in the classroom come August 23rd for grades K-5th.

Public comment lasted well over three hours. It was clear the majority of parents want their kids to go maskless.

Barrington School District 220 Superintendent Bob Hunt presented science and guidance from the CDC on mask wearing when returning back to the classroom.

"Mask wearing is for unvaccinated people and a student or staff member may wear a mask at any time," said Hunt.

Not everyone agreed with the science, as boos prompted a 15 minute recess.


Forty miles away in Chicago, a similar debate rages on.

"I know everyone is focused on the masking right now. It's masking, it's social distancing and it's vaccination," said Chicago Teachers Union Vice President Stacy Davis-Gates.

"We are in a push and pull with the school district right now," she said.

Davis-Gates says there is a lot of mixed messaging on returning to the classroom safely.

The American Academy of pediatrics says kids older than 2-years-old should wear a mask in school regardless of vaccination status.

The CDC says everyone in the school who are fully vaccinated do not need face coverings.

The CTU  is hoping to come to an agreement before school starts August 30th.

In Barrington, masks are optional for grades 6th through 12th.