Carjacking epidemic spills into the suburbs

The carjacking epidemic is spilling over into the suburbs as people are reporting a surge in violence in several towns. 

People living in New Lenox, Cary and Western Springs are reporting crimes, including one scenario where a 17-year-old had a gun pulled on him right in his driveway.

Police are looking to see if they are dealing with the same suspects who carried out crimes across two other suburbs Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

"Looks like they entered our house, grabbed our keys and knocked some stuff over, and left with my car," said Amanda Martin, who had her Jeep stolen.

Martin works with sick children as a registered nurse.

She bought a red 2018 Jeep Wrangler as a gift for completing nursing school.

When she woke up Thursday morning, it was gone. The suspects entered through an unlocked back door.

Pictures show one of the suspects at a nearby home in New Lenox, checking car doors.

Other ring camera video caught suspects in action doing the same thing in another New Lenox neighborhood.


In the 700 block of Lambeth Lane, a 17-year-old boy was in his car when he was carjacked Wednesday. 

There have been six car thefts in the past six months in this area.

Nearly 65 miles away in Cary Thursday Morning, suspects entered an unlocked vehicle, used the garage door opener to go inside. One of the three males had a gun.

Martin hopes someone recognizes her car, but most importantly she is worried about her safety. The suspects have her information and even used her credit cards.

The Illinois plate is E54 8775 in case you see it.