Suburban teacher accused of posting racist messages on social media

A northwest suburban teacher is accused of posting racist messages on social media.

FOX 32 tried to talk to the Palatine High School teacher, but she closed the door in our faces.

“Before I realized it was a teacher, I wasn’t surprised,” said Palatine resident Tim McGowan.

McGowan moved from the South Side of Chicago to the northwest suburb almost 17 years ago. Recently, he organized a Black Lives Matter protest.

Someone sent him the social studies teacher’s post and from there, McGowan contacted the Palatine-Schaumburg 211 School District.

“The representation isn’t there, so sure, there’s a lack of understanding from faculty and staff. Two days ago we emailed the board in regards to diversity and inclusion training for the staff and entire district,” McGowan said.

One message the teacher shared on Facebook said: “Wanna stop the riots? Mobilize the septic tank trucks, put pressure cannon on em... hose em down... the end.”

Other posts included talk of a civil war, and wanting to buy a gun and start training. She also compared the term "white privilege" to the N-word.

“Sorry is just not cutting it anymore. The comments she made... that’s unacceptable,” said Tracy Jackson, who has a daughter in the school district.

The school district issued a statement saying they were made aware of the posts last week by a staff member, that the posts were removed, and they are currently conducting an investigation and will follow through with the appropriate measures.

“If I was in their shoes, you fire her and set a standard of zero tolerance,” McGowan said.

The school district apologized for the posts, but residents say that does not go far enough.