Tarantula found crawling around Chicago park

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A large tarantula was discovered crawling around Chinatown on Friday.

The spider was found in Chicago’s Ping Tom Park. It was dropped off at the "GoodVets" animal hospital in Streeterville. They are taking care of it for now.

The vet says one of their employees is going to adopt the spider. They have named it “Blossom.”

The speculation is that someone had the tarantula as a pet and then released it into the park.

The giant spider is specifically a Pink Toe Tarantula. They are usually sold in big box stores such as Petco. They live in a rain forest environment, with 80-degree weather and 54 percent humidity.

The Pink Toe Tarantula’s venom is the equivalent of a bee sting, and it is only dangerous if you are allergic to the venom.