Teenagers jump on cars and brawl, forcing cancelation of Tinley Park Armed Forces Carnival

Cell phone video taken by Tinley Park residents shows teens jumping on cars, running through parking lots, fighting and causing chaos along 80th Avenue Saturday night, forcing the cancelation of the Armed Forces Carnival.

Police say 400 teenagers were responding to a call on social media to gather at the carnival to form a "flash mob". It started at 8pm and lasted a few hours. Families from the area trying to enjoy the event were scrambling to gather their loved ones and get home.

Anthony Cortese, partner at Union Bar and Grill, said they tried to provide a safe haven for kids to get to safety during the mayhem.

"They basically all just came running over here, hundreds of them running in the street" said Allyssa Carpenter, Bar Manager at Union Bar & Grill.

"The kids were just acting a fool," said Michael Salerno of Windy City Amusements. "It’s a shame. Everyone was enjoying themselves."

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By daylight, police spent many hours telling families the carnival was canceled. The three-day annual event raised money for local charities, now thousands of dollars was lost. Instead, workers were seen sitting idle and carnival rides were packed up.

Inside Union Bar and Grill as locals resolved to have a good time, business owners say patrons safety remains top of mind.

The Tinley Park Chamber of Commerce planned the carnival in honor of Armed Forces Weekend. It attracts hundreds of families for rides and games.

Police say an officer was injured attempting to break up fights, also according to a release the majority of teenagers were released back into the custody of their parents, five teenagers were issued citations for fighting in public.