'The Batman' showcases Chicago's influence on Gotham

Batman fans in Chicago will have plenty of opportunities to see their city in the new movie when it hits theaters next week.

Second unit production took place around the city in October 2020, and now all of that hard work is finally being seen on the big screen – including an epic final act action set piece that takes place inside the Thompson Center.

"The Batman" director Matt Reeves spoke with FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton about filming around the city – and using a Chicago train for a big fight sequence.

"We scouted in Chicago and we were on Wabash and we were on the train and they were going to give us control of the train and then the pandemic hit, so we had to be really targeted about what we were going to do," Reeves said.

He added "The opening section of that movie is the idea of the El Train making its way around Gotham. There was a car that they were going to let us have and we used the car in Chicago to shoot the exteriors and we rebuilt to specifications that train station on Wabash and we actually bought – they sold us a car. So the interior was shot on a stage and we reproduced part of the station in London."

"The Batman" hits theaters March 4.