'The Chicago Cascade': 7-year-old represents Chicago at prestigious 2023 Kids Mullet Showdown

He has become known as "The Mullet Kid," and this year, he's representing Chicago at the prestigious "2023 Kids Mullet Showdown." 

Seven-year-old contender Evan Hall of the Northwest Side is entering the competition with a haircut three years in the making, boasting a mullet he calls "The Chicago Cascade." 

It all started when early in the pandemic, his mother gave him an unfortunate backyard haircut as barber shops closed.

"In the pandemic, I did one haircut at home, and it was terrible," said Evan.

But like a true champion, Evan didn't dwell on the misfortune. Instead, he turned it into an opportunity to become a living legend.

"I just stopped cutting it, and it just grew long, and I just stuck with it," he said.


The length in the back is the result of three years of unencumbered growth for the soon-to-be second-grader.  

"I love it," Evan said.

But the key to "The Chicago Cascade" is its meticulously manicured sides, one of which boasts a lightning bolt.

"He is the freest of spirits and we've always just kind of been along for the ride," said Evan's mom, Caitlin.  "It's cool to see him know now that everyone is their best self when they're being their own authentic self, so he just does what makes him happy, and we're just here to support it."

His mother says The Chicago Cascade has made Evan instantly recognizable in their Northwest Side neighborhood and at school. When the older kids ask him to shake his mullet, Evan said he's always happy to oblige.

Visit www.mulletchamp.com and cast your vote for Evan Hall.  

Voting in the first round starts Wednesday and runs until Sunday, and — in true Chicago fashion — you can place a vote every day.