Thieves steal SUV with 10-year-old in back seat: 'I was really scared'

FOX 32 NEWS - A 10-year-old Chicago boy got taken on a wild ride Tuesday morning with a pair of car thieves.

Heading to the car before school, the young boy got ahead of his mother and waited for her on Kildare near Armitage in the family's SUV. He was sitting in the backseat.

Then, someone jumped into the driver seat and took off.

"That's when a girl came rushing down and opened the car. And she just ran with the car,” 10-year-old Richard said.

The girl drove away with Richard in the back seat.

"I didn't say anything because I was like in shock and panic and I was really, really scared. And I started crying, but she still didn't listen to me,” said Richard.

Richard says the girl then picked up another young man and a short time later, they realized he was in the back.

"They said, 'there's a boy here!' And then they said, 'hey you boy, get out, get out!' And I just got out with my backpack and my sister's sweater,” Richard said.

He was dropped off in an alley several blocks away from his home. One of the thieves even told him to have a good day at school after seeing his backpack.

Richard then walked towards Palmer and Kostner when someone spotted him and called his parents.

Richard’s father told FOX 32 it was a miracle he was found safe and they never could have imagined that something like this could happen.

Richard is still shaken up after this frightening ordeal.

"Now every time I hear a sound or I see dark places, I see every corner. Because I wanna check if somebody's there because I just want this to be the first and the last time that happens to me,” Richard said.