Thousands flood downtown Chicago to rally in support of Ukraine

A rally in support of Ukraine brought thousands of people to downtown Chicago on Sunday.

U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley, co-chair of the Congressional Ukraine Caucus, said "NATO was formed for the very reasons we should protect Ukraine and every inch of Ukraine".

From Daley Plaza to North Michigan Avenue, thousands marched in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.


Native Ukrainians with signs in hand were worried about their loved ones back home.

Maryna Onyshchenko's parents refuse to leave Ukraine. Her sister and 13-year-old nephew spent the last fiver days in a bomb shelter there and have since fled to Poland.

"We didn’t have any contact with them for 24 hours, my nephew barely escaped," Onyshchenko said.

Russia and Ukraine officials plan a third round of peace talks Monday. With 1.5 million refugees now having fled, many Ukrainians are calling on US troops to become more involved.  

One demonstrator said, "we just sent missiles to Taiwan I don’t understand why patriot missals can’t be sent to Ukraine."