Thousands line up for Bernie Sanders rally in Summit

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"I am so excited about how he is going to try and implement changes for the middle class to come back again, said paralegal Lisa LaChapelle.

"I think he wants to help out the people that's in my generation and my age the most," said Northern Illinois University student Wakelo Ryals. "I think that since we are the up-and-coming generation for the country that is important that we get her voices heard."

"I think Bernie really speaks to a lot of the disenchantment that young people feel in America with the way things are," said Aquinas College student Lauren Vitiritti. "Bernie just really reaches us."

"I still think it's anybody's game," said UIC student and Sanders volunteer Omar Aburmishan. "There are still about 30 states left. I can't wait to see what happens."

"He grew up in a generation that was similar to my generation where everything was possible," said voter Marc Daniels of Springfield.