Thousands rally in Chicago on behalf of Palestinian people amid ongoing fighting with Israel

Michigan Avenue near Ida B. Wells was on lock down Sunday as thousands protested on behalf of the Palestinian people

"Please stop the killing of kids and taking families out their homes. This is not fair," said Samer Farhan from Palos Hills.

The event was led by the Chicago chapter of The U.S. Palestinian Community Network. The crowd chanted and waved flags. Multiple ethnic groups from around the city came out in support.


"People are starting to see what’s happening in Palestine is ethnic cleansing. It’s targeted killings of civilians right now," said Deanna Othman of American Muslims for Palestine Chicago.

Areej Barghouthi said the number of innocent kids killed during the unrest is what bothers her most. A reported 55 kids have died so far.  

"They’re supposed to be playing outside, instead they’re being bombed. This is not fair," Barghouthi said.

Last week, Israel supporters held local demonstrations as well. 

"Israelis would say exactly what Biden said, that they have the right to defend themselves, that’s what they’re doing, targeting Hamas operatives in Gaza to rule out terrorist networks," said professor Khalil Marrar.