Three-legged puppy in need of foster home after miraculous recovery

If you’ve been considering adopting a pet but aren't sure, fostering might be the perfect way for you and your family to explore your options.

Today, we bring you the heartwarming story of Wynona, a resilient 9-month-old puppy from PAWS Chicago who is in desperate need of a foster family after receiving critical medical care.

Wynona, despite only having three legs, is a lively and loving dog. Weighing 37 pounds, she is described by PAWS as pure sugar with a tail that takes no days off, even on her worst days.

Wynona's journey with PAWS began when she was rescued from Animal Care and Control. She had suffered a severe fall from a third-story balcony, resulting in a broken leg. Despite her severe pain, fever, and dehydration, Wynona's spirit remained unbroken, and she continued to wag her tail.

After examining her X-rays, veterinarians at PAWS determined that Wynona's leg was broken in multiple locations and would need to be amputated. The surgery was performed, and in less than 24 hours, Wynona was back to her cheerful self. Her zest for life was evident as she wagged her tail harder than ever and eagerly climbed onto laps before anyone had a chance to sit down.

Though Wynona has made her recovery process look easy, she still requires tender, loving care to fully heal. PAWS Chicago is now seeking a foster home to help Wynona prepare for her new life.

If you’re interested in fostering Wynona, or any of the many other cats and dogs that PAWS Chicago has rescued, please visit their website at