Three snowmobile accidents in McHenry County as riders try to cross thin ice

Three snowmobile accidents were reported in McHenry County on Saturday.

Two riders fell through thin ice and into the water.

They were both able to get out before rescue crews arrived.

Another snowmobile driver was able to climb out of the water, but was stranded on an ice floe. He had to be rescued by an airboat.


"The river is not safe," said Battalion Chief David Harwood of the McHenry Township Fire Protection District. "It's moving water. We've had some very sunny days. That ice thins out very quickly."

Meteorologist Mark Strehl said that the weather will keep getting warmer this week, which will make ice on Chicago area's rivers and lakes much more dangerous in the coming days.

In another incident, a snowmobile driver rolled their sled and was injured.