Tiffany Henyard booed, challenged during Thornton Township meeting

Tensions ran high for Thornton Township Supervisor Tiffany Henyard at the annual township meeting on Tuesday.

Throughout the evening, Henyard faced challenges from both board members and the public, accompanied by loud boos at several junctures.

Expressing her frustration, Henyard remarked that it was unfair for residents to pose numerous questions in the township when, according to her, they don't do the same in other communities.

Video shows Henyard calling what was going on at the meeting a "s--- show" and that residents weren't looking at the facts as it relates to the community.

This all comes as Henyard is involved in various controversies as it relates to her role as the mayor of Dolton.

A lawsuit accuses Henyard of attempting to cover up an alleged sexual assault involving a Dolton trustee and former village employee.

Meanwhile, former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has officially been appointed by the Village of Dolton Board of Trustees to investigate Mayor Henyard.